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Nursery school in Albino

The design of this building is generated by the analysis of the urban context, of its environmental and climate conditions, by the desire of organically integrating the building into the environment, into the active city life, of providing the best energy performance and living comfort conditions to the new rooms.

Working within the guidelines set by the competition brief and in compliance with the urban planning constraints, we have come to the definition of a polygonal plate surmounted by a pair of volumes whose planimetric development is intrinsically linked to the program. On the one hand, we therefore face with the long cue of the offices of the Istituto Comprensivo “G. Solari ", on the other, with the double-height spaces of the new class rooms that follow the fan-like development of the latter.

The spaces have been designed to provide adequate room for group work, with fixed and flexible furniture that enable different configurations in line with the different phases of the teaching activity.

The school building has been designed to be support the modern form of teaching, setting up a platform to encourage pupils' attitudes.

Therefore, at ground floor, all the classrooms have been located in direct communication with the adjacent garden. The latter is organized as a succession of spaces that enrich the visitor's experience. The child, then, has the opportunity to move between the play area and the educational garden, eventually reaching the orchard located on the northern end of the park. On the contrary, on the upper floor, the new appurtenances of the adjoining Istituto Comprensivo "G. Solari " open onto the roof garden which, with its presence, offers visual comfort to the operators and mitigates the temperature of the rooms below.

The shape of the pitched roofs, in wringing the eye to the nearby mountains, enhances the rainwater recovery that is conveyed in a plant for the irrigation of the garden areas and for the toilets. The system is formed of an underground storage tank and self-priming pump, with the plant control unit for remote management.

The life cycle of the building has been designed in view of a continuous use, open not only to students but to the entire local community, during the day.

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