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Nursery school in Modigliana

The project starts from the analysis of the urban context of Modigliana, from its environmental and climatic conditions, from the desire to organically integrate the building in the built and natural environment, in the city's active life, from the desire to guarantee the best energy performance and living comfort conditions to the new spaces. The plan of the new building was developed by separating the areas dedicated to primary education from the common and administrative parts, with a linear design diagram in which a long connective atrium cuts the building in two. In this scheme, the classrooms face south, while the administrative spaces, the gymnasiums and the dormitories overlook north. The rooms are volumetrically sewn together by a system of continuous pitched roofs that embraces the entire building in its development.

The topography of the site required a substantial re-modeling of the land. The outdoor spaces were, therefore, designed in relation to the program and the site conditions. While on the southern front, therefore, the classrooms are in relationship with a path of wooden pebbles reaching the common cavea, on the northern front, instead, the dormitories and the rooms for practical activities overlook the spaces limited by the new retaining wall. All interior spaces are characterized by functionality and flexibility, simplicity and rationality of use, trying to provide an immediate perceptive identification to functions and routes. The rooms have been designed to host workshopd, with flexible furniture and partition walls, hence providing different configurations.

The school building was designed to be a stimulus and support for modern, flexible and incentive teaching methods for pupils. Particular attention was paid to the creation of environment. The shape of the classrooms, with the presence of multimedia reproductions and the possibility of varying the arrangement of the benches offer ample flexibility to the teachers to meet the current and future needs of teaching.

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