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Vecchia Milano



The flat is located at the second floor of an Art Deco building, in the very heart of Milan. A large but secret courtyard shelters the dwelling from the noise of the city and enhances the level of privacy of the rooms.

The renovation intends to achieve a more permeable layout of the internal spaces throughout the demolition of the existing partitions and re-positioning of all the technical facilities into a single core.

The project has been constructed using a mixed palette of traditional and contemporary material finishes, ranging from the restored timber parquet to the new resin floor, from the old cast iron radiators to the new stainless steel kitchen.

The kitchen itself is at the heart of the living area and sets up a solid background to the long vista from the entrance foyer. Similarly, a new furniture element is the core of the sleeping area and, with its solid mass, becomes a device to divide the bedrooms into two different areas.

The combination of traditional and new elements becomes the opportunity to preserve the historical identity of the location and express the character of its new inhabitants.




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