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In February 2019, we were appointed to re-develop the winter garden of an apartment flat in Via Orti, Milan.

The Clients' idea was to transform this space, currently disused, into a small refuge of the spirit where someone could stop to read or play music and, in more recent times, to smart working. The intervention involves the creation of a wooden box inside the old iron and glass box. The thermal insulation of the new casing is provided by cork panels whose malleability allows quick adaptation to the complex geometry offered by the glass box while the finishing of the space is in marine plywood panels which with their different coloring recall the illustrious architectural precedents and characterize the space.

Likewise, the furnishings are made of birch plywood which, with their geometry and materiality, establish a continuum with the wall box that houses them.

MI-V01_I_Cabanon-Int View 01.jpg
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