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CM9Architects is an architectural and interior design studio based in Milan.

The studio deals with issues of different nature and scale, working, in Italy and abroad, on urban planning and regeneration interventions, on the design and renovation of public buildings, common areas, commercial spaces and private residences.
The studio is driven by the strong desire to combine research and design, to experiment with the potential of building materials, the opportunities and ideas offered by the project area.

The studio is animated by a strong environmental sensitivity that supports the guidelines of each new project.

The studio offers a service dedicated to each individual Client, working in the various stages to define a project that is the most appropriate response to the specific needs of its Client.


The studio works with a consolidated network of professionals, craftsmen and suppliers who allow the achievement of the desired result even by the most demanding customers.

The studio offers architectural and urban planning services, interior design and project management.

In particular:

- Survey

- Feasibility studies

- Architectural design

- Landscape design

- Urban planning

- Coordination and Project management

- Graphics

- Interior design

- Light design

- Furniture design

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