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The apartment is located on the second floor of a modernist-style residential building, in Via Augusto Anfossi, in Milan. The original planimetric layout of the apartment was characterized by a large hallway located close to the entrance door and in a central position with respect to the different rooms of the house. The renovation project seeks, on the one hand, to enhance the presence of this space and, on the other, to strengthen the dialogue between the rooms. To this end, a series of wall demolitions were strategically carried out to allow for an efficient reorganization of the internal spaces, preserving the number of original rooms within a new planimetric scheme. From this perspective, the rigid separation between the entrance and the other rooms has been abolished, putting the latter in direct communication with the new living room and the kitchen, positioned in an alcove at the edge of the living room itself. The bedrooms are moved to the ends of the apartment, close to the living room and in direct communication with the external spaces. A grit floor widely covers the spaces of the house, strengthening the sense of perceptive unity of the house while the furnishing elements, and in particular the kitchen block, underline the spatial continuity and depth of the rooms.

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