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The apartment is located at the upper ground floor of a residential building, on Via Nicola Palmieri, in Milan.

The apartment is characterized by a wide windowed corridor that connects the sleeping area, close to the entrance, to the living area, located at the terminal of this long axis.

The renovation project seeks, with a few moves, to maximize the use and quality of this long hallway to make it as much as possible the protagonist of a new narrative.

With this in mind, the first intervention was the construction of a system of plasterboard recesses that would better define the areas and break the excessive depth of the long hallway.

Part of this process was the transformation of a large niche close to the entrance door, which, with the insertion of a birch plywood shelf and the rationalization of its wall volume, became the first checkroom in the house and welcomed guests.

The next move was the habitation of the corridor, which, with its generous width, allowed the relocation of some of the house's functions along its path.

For this purpose, we eliminated the wall partitions that separated the living room-kitchen from the rest of the house and relocated the latter at the end of the corridor, within a green-colored furniture element that on the one hand defines the new kitchen and living room spaces and on the other hand connects them with the owner's new study, located behind her.

The intervention concludes with the redevelopment of the bathroom in which we chose to use a single floor and wall covering that, with its color and materiality, would evoke the client's geographical roots and dialogue with the materials chosen for the kitchen.

The replacement of the bathtub with a ceramic-tiled shower tray amplifies the perception of the space and reinforces the presence of this material in the room.

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