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The apartment is located at the third floor of a residential and Art Nouveau-style building on Via Roggia Scagna in Milan.

At the time of purchase, the floor plan of the apartment was characterized by a wide corridor placed close to the entrance door and in a barycentric position with respect to the different rooms of the house.

The renovation project seeks, on the one hand, to emphasize the presence of this space and, on the other, to strengthen the dialogue between the rooms.

To this end, a series of wall demolitions were strategically carried out to allow for greater visual communication between the old kitchen and the living room. The position of these rooms, then, was symmetrically reversed in such a way as to allow the new kitchen to overlook the small terrace of the house, thus projecting its experience to the outside world.

The greater continuity between the two rooms and the old hallway is, then, emphasized by the use of linoleum flooring, which with its continuous format and coloring accentuates the sense of uniqueness of the spaces.

The flooring continues in the bedroom where, however, a door with an Art Nouveau character lends greater privacy to the space.

Different character, on the other hand, and decidedly geometric has the bathroom of the house in which the ceramic wall tile becomes, with its formats and colors, the matrix of the elements and areas that characterize it.

The renovation project is completed by the programmatic use of some custom-made furniture whose presence reinforces the architectural design of the spaces.

Thus, with this in mind, the large sliding door is proposed that separates, when necessary, the living room from the kitchen, amplifying the perception of its outdoor space with the semi-glossy and reflective formica cladding.

Similarly, in the kitchen, the preparation and cooking counter with its linear character and bold color, in its dichotomy with the decidedly sturdy and vertical cupboard, emphasizes the depth of the room.

Finally, the owner's rich collection of artworks contributes to the image building of the new spaces.

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